Big August Rec.Gambling Excursion

"There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet"
- Peter "Foldem" Secor

Schedule 2016

BARGE 2016 Schedule

Entry Fee
Monday, August 1, 6:00pm
No Limit Holdem - 6 Max Shootout
Monday, August 1, 8:30pm
Hosted Cash Game: 4-8 Must Straddle Crazy Pineapple 8 or Better
hosted by Alex Ziselman

Tuesday, August 2, 1:30pm
Hosted Cash Game: 3-6 Limit Holdem
hosted by Peter Secor

Tuesday, August 2, 1:30pm
High Roller HOSER single table satellite
Tuesday, August 2, 3:00pm
Tuesday, August 2, 7:30pm
BARGE XXVI 26-Game Mix
Dinner Break - BARGE XXVI 26-Game Mix
Tuesday,  August 2, 7:30pm
2nd Chance: Triple Super Stud
Tuesday, August 2, 7:31pm
Tuesday, August 2, 9:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 1-1 Pot Limit Omaha
hosted by Dan and Sharon Goldman
Restart - BARGE XXVI 26-Game Mix

Wednesday, August 3
Triathalon of Gambling (ToGa) Events:
$35 (optional)
Wednesday, August 3, 11:00am
ToGa: Blackjack
Wednesday, August 3, 1:00pm
ToGa: Video Poker
Wednesday, August 3, 3:00pm
ToGa: Craps
Wednesday, August 3, 2:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 8-16 Omaha/8 with 1/2 Kill
hosted by Jeff Deitch
Wednesday, August 3, 4:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 1-2 Kansas City Lowball
hosted by Christopher Mecklin
Wednesday, August 3, 6:30pm
High Roller HOSER Single Table Satellite

Wednesday, August 3, 7:30pm
California Lowball/Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Mix

Thursday, August 4, 10:00am
Coney Island Whitefish Memorial CHORSE
Thursday, August 4, 1:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 3-6 Omaha/8 Variants
hosted by Tracy Becker
Thursday, August 4, 4:00pm
Pot Limit Omaha (with lammers)
Thursday, August 4, 7:30pm
High Roller HOSER Single Table Satellite

Thursday, August 4, 8:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 5-10 California Lowball
hosted by Bob Herlien
Thursday, August 4, 8:30pm
2nd Chance: Pot Limit Crazy Pineapple High Win the Button
Thursday, August 4, 10:00pm
Hosted Craps Game: $5 Craps
hosted by Nolan Dalla and Peter Secor

Friday, August 5, 10:30am
Mike Sexton Original TOC-Style
Friday, August 5, 2:30pm
Hosted Cash Game: 10-20 HORSE
hosted by Rebecca Kerl
Friday, August 5, 2:30pm
Hosted Cash Game: 1-1 Pot Limit Omaha/8
hosted by Russ Fox
Friday, August 5, 5:00pm
Friday, August 5, 6:30pm
Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, August 5, 7:00pm
Mike Sexton Original TOC-Style restart
Friday, August 5, 7:30pm
2nd Chance: No Limit Holdem - Ante Only
Friday, August 5, 8:00pm
High Roller HOSER
Friday, August 5, 9:30pm
Hosted Cash Game: 6-12 ROTE
hosted by Rich Bremer

Saturday, August 6, 10:30am
No Limit Holdem - Main Event
Saturday, August 6, 11:00am
Significant Others: Mixed Holdem
Saturday, August 6, 3:00pm
Hosted Cash Game: 1-1 Binglaha
hosted by Don Rieck
Saturday, August 6, 6:00pm

Speaker: Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu
Saturday, August 6, 8:30pm
No Limit Holdem - Main Event restart
Saturday, August 6, 8:30pm
Reindeer Games (Cash)


(1) Astute readers may notice that there are three single table satellites scheduled. Binion's will run a single table satellite for HOSER anytime there are enough BARGErs to get one running. Ask the floor for details if you are interested.

(2) All games in the 26-game mix are fixed limit.  The tentative list of games in the 26-game mix is: Holdem, Pineapple (high, no discards), Crazy Pineapple 8 or better, Holdem high/low 8 or better, Chowaha, 4 card Chowaha, Omaha 8 or better, Omaha High, Binglaha, Courcheval, 2 or 5 Omaha, Oklahoma, Stud, Razz, Razzdugi, Deuce to Seven Razz, Five Card Stud, Stud 8 or better, Stud high/low regular (no qualifier), Badugi, California Lowball, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, Five Card Draw, Badeucey, Badacey, and a game to be chosen by Chris "TomBayes" Mecklin.

(3) Triple Super Stud is a mix of Stud, Razz, and Eight or Better.  For all games, players will receive four down cards on third street and will keep two and discard two.  From there, the hand is played as normal.

(4)  Registrants can play any or all of the ToGa events separately.  There is also an optional $35 side bet for R00lers which gets you in the running for the overall Triathalon championship and side pot (the number of places paid will depend on the number of R00lers who register for the ToGa side bet.

(5) Pot Limit Crazy Pineapple High - Win the Button is played as standard Pot Limit Crazy Pineapple High, except that the winner of each hand inherits the button for the following hand.

(6) Limit Holdem, Limit Omaha/8 and Limit Stud played in rotation.  Game order to be determined before the tournament starts.

(7) No Limit Holdem - Ante Only is played as standard no limit hold'em, except there are no blinds.  Instead, the ante increases every level.

Please note that in some cases we're taking a break from our longer tournaments when the final table is formed to allow for other events.  The final table will be played later in the evening as shown.
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