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- Peter "Foldem" Secor

BARGE Virgin Queen History

BARGE Virgin Queen History

[Written by ADV Beth, posted & emailed to the BARGE mailing list]

I started playing poker in 1998 and discovered RGP shortly thereafter. Since it was summer, RGP was filled with threads regarding BARGE. I felt like such a newbie that I didn't feel comfortable taking a spontaneous trip to Vegas to join the group, but I read the threads with interest.

By the next year, I had already gone to my first RGP event (ESCARGOT '99) and was eager to attend my first BARGE. After registering and signing up for the mailing list, I read lots of discussion about a Calcutta. Well, I had never heard of a Calcutta and didn't have a clue. Someone suggested that newcomers form their own syndicate to pool their limited knowledge of the players. I wasn't sure if I would get much response, but I stepped forward and called out for any interested "Virgins" like myself to email me. Immediately I received seven responses! Eventually, we had a group of 20+ 1999 Escargot Virgins who formed a syndicate (a successful one, I might add), won last-longer challenges issued by the ADB'ers and the Boston BARGE Brigade, and generally had a great time...especially since we had corresponded by email in advance and didn't feel quite so lost by the time we arrived at BARGE.

Because we enjoyed hanging out together so much, we wanted to continue our group at BARGE 2000. We knew that we couldn't continue to be Virgins, so after much discussion, we evolved into the ADV'ers (alt.deflowered.virgins). In the meantime, there have been successive Virgin groups: the 2000 Virgins led by Scottro and the 2001 Virgins led by North Shore Mike.

List of BARGE Virgin Queens

1999 ADV Beth
2000 Scottro
2001 North Shore Mike
2002 Zbigniew
2003 Sethro
2004 Asya
2005 Bob Jones
2006 MissT74
2007 Ron Grossberg
2008 David Kluchman
2009 Sean Frame
2010 Yolanda Kerr
2011 Drew Boyett
2012 Rod "SURFER-1" Crane
2013 Chris O'Connor
2014 David Kullmann
2015 Jennifer Shahade

Virgins who have won the BARGE NLHE Main Event

Jeff Bartoszewicz, 2000
Mordecai Schwartz, 2006
Andreas Wolfram, 2014
Jennifer Shahade, 2015

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