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"There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet"
- Peter "Foldem" Secor

4 Card Chowaha

4 Card Chowaha

Submitted by Peter Secor

Forced Money

The game is played with blinds.

Dealing Procedure

Each player is dealt four cards face down, followed by a betting round at the lower limit.

Three flops are dealt one above each other, forming a three by three square of cards.  This is followed by a round of betting at the lower limit.

Two turn cards are dealt vertically to the right of the flop cards from the dealer's perspective. This is followed by a round of betting at the higher limit.

One river card is placed to the right of the turn cards.  This is followed by a final round of betting at the higher limit, followed by showdown.

At showdown, the final board will look like:

X   X   X


X   X   X               Z


X   X   X 

The cards labelled X are the flop, cards labelled Y are the turn, and the card labelled Z is the river.

Evaluating the Showdown

The best high hand and the best low hand (if one exists) with an 8 or better qualifier (same as Omaha Hi/Lo) split the pot.  Each hand consists of exactly two hole cards from the player's hand along with one flop, one turn and one river EXCEPT that the flop, turn and river being used must be contiguous.  In other words, if the top flop is used to form the player's hand, only the top turn may be used.  Similarly, if the bottom flop is used, only the bottom flop may be used.  If the middle flop is used, EITHER the top or bottom turn card may be used.  Each player may use different hole cards and different board cards to form their best high and low hands as long as they follow the rules above.   As in Omaha, each player must use exactly two cards from their hand and three from the board.

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