Home for BARGE 2010 will be at Binion's Casino in beautiful downtown Las Vegas, NV.

BARGE Events

BARGE is the Big August Rec.Gambling Excursion (to Las Vegas). This is our annual venture out of cyberspace into the Real World in which we get together to meet our most favorite/notorious Usenet personalities face-to-face, participate in several BARGE-private events, and generally blow off steam (not hard to do in Las Vegas in August).

The official events for BARGE 2010 will begin on August 3 and end on August 7. It is possible that some of these events or times may change between now and the opening of registration.

BARGE At-A-Glance

(*) Players must be registered as a significant other to play. This is intended to be a fun beginner's event. Please do not register for this if you have any significant poker experience. If you've won a BARGE SO event before, or have played in SO events for two or more straight years, we strongly encourage you to step up to one of the main events. You're ready! Make the jump!

(**) Players in the Blackjack tournament are expected to toke the dealers. Players in the Video Poker tournament are expected to toke the tournament staff.

(***) The 6 games will be: Hold'em, Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Stud/8, and Chowaha.

We're taking a break from our longer tournaments when the final table is formed to allow for other events. The final table will be played later in the evening as shown.

BARGE is seeking sponsorship from interested parties to help defray some of the fees listed above. If you're reading this and are interested in sponsoring BARGE please contact Peter Secor at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Tournament Structures

A generic set of BARGE tournament structures is available. The 2010 tournaments will follow these structures.


Teams (6 people) should appoint a captain, then have the captain email Michael "Mickdog" Patterson with the team name and a listing of all team members with their email addresses. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees are not paid in advance with BARGE registrations. Team captains must pay the entire $420 on-site 1/2 hour prior to the tourney.

The Banquet

The banquet will be held on Saturday evening 8/7/2010 at 7:00pm at the Binion's banquet room on the second floor directly above the poker tournament area (formerly known as Benny's Bullpen.)

The banquet speaker will be Barry Tanenbaum.

Room Reservations

We have a block of rooms available at the Four Queens for no more than $22/night on weekdays and $49/night on weekends. Reservation details will be sent with your registration confirmation.


BARGE 2010 registration is now closed.

Waiting List Policy

In order to join the waiting list for any tournament(s), you MUST prepay all registration and entry fees. If you are unable to participate, refunds will be made following BARGE. You may not join the waiting list for a tournament after registration closes.

The waiting list will be cleared as spaces become available in the order you have signed up, until the start of BARGE. After the start of BARGE waiting lists will be cleared at 30 minutes prior to the start of each tournament. You must be present at that time to receive a seat if one is available.

In conjunction with this policy, we'll accept cancellations of tournament entries, in person, up until one hour before a tournament. If the cancellation is done via e-mail it must be received at least 24 hours prior to the tournament and is subject to having been received in time by the organizers. In the event of connectivity problems we may not be able to read the e-mail.

Refunds for canceled seats are subject to our being able to resell your seat to someone on the wait list.

Payment for Registration

In our never-ending quest to simplify the registration process (for the organizers, if not for you) registrations must be paid for at registration time or they will not be accepted. Visa and Mastercard are the preferred payment mechanisms.

Who is Eligible to Register for BARGE?

Registrations are limited to members of the rec.gambling.* community. The organizers reserve the right to deny participation in any or all BARGE events to anyone, at their discretion. Registrations must be performed online and by the registrant personally (no third-party registrations). An exception is made for Significant Others.


Upon payment of the appropriate event fee you may register guests for any of the non-tournament events (banquet, symposium). No additional registration fee applies.

Assignment of Registration

A registration is to be considered an exclusive agreement between the registrant and the BARGE Organizers, and may not be assigned to another party without their prior agreement.

Cancellation of BARGE Events

Should any event (or all events) associated with BARGE be canceled, BARGE's limitation of liability is the amount of the fee paid for the canceled event. In no case will the $25 registration fee be refunded as it covers costs we incur at the time of registration.

Cancellation or other Changes to Registrations

All registrations are final. Cancellations and additions to your BARGE registration will be done through the close of registration and are subject to a non-refundable $25.00 fee. Refunds for cancellations after the close of registration are at the sole discretion of the BARGE organizers. In no case will the $25.00 registration fee be refunded. No refunds will be issued until September 2010.

All fees mentioned are used to cover expenses or are placed into the BARGE fund.

Disputed Charges

Please bring all charge disputes to the attention of the organizers prior to contacting your bank. Anyone who files a dispute with a bank prior to trying to resolve the problem with the organizers will be barred from attending this or any future BARGE.

The BARGE Mailing List

We maintain two mailing lists for those attending or planning on attending BARGE. Everyone who is registering for or is planning to register for BARGE should be on the barge-announce mailing list. This list is low volume and is used for official notifications by the BARGE organizers. To subscribe to this list go to

The other list is for general discussions about BARGE, BARGE members, topics peripheral to the lives of BARGE members, stray thoughts that randomly occur to BARGE members... . This list is decidedly not low volume, and subscribers will be exposed to strongly held opinions with which they do not agree.



All BARGE events are non-smoking.

So Who Are the "Organizers" Anyway?

BARGE is being organized by Peter Secor, Michael "mickdog" Patterson, and Nick Christenson, with more than occasional advice and emergency help from Chuck Weinstock, BARGE organizer, emeritus. We also wish to give a "shout out" to BARGE elder statesman and former organizer, Mike Zimmers.